Use the main window to create an object or line. It consists of the following sections:


  • If you hold the mouse over an icon, a tooltip will appear. If you click an icon, the tool is activated and any clicks in the diagram will provide a copy of that tool. After clicking and placing one or more copies of a shape, click the pointer tool (top left arrow icon) before attempting to move things around.

Draw boxes

  • Fox example you would like to draw a box / rectangle. You need to click the following icon:


Go on the shape, and click somewhere, to insert a box.

  • To change its width or height, use the little green squares around the box. Just click on one of them and drag it to the wanted position.


  • To make a square, use the right click, and choose Square.


If you would like to keep the scale, use the right click, too, and choose Fixed aspect. After that changing width or height will just enlarge or lower your object, but the scale remains.


Draw ellipses

  • To make an ellipse use the following icon on the main window:


  • You can change its preferences like boxes'. E.g. to make a circle, just insert an ellipse on the shape, click right, and choose Circle.


  • To make a similar figure like this


first make an ellipse, click right, choose circle. Click right too, and choose Preferences, and take at Draw background: No.



To make an X inside the circle, use lines. Click on main window Line icon, and make two connectors between the circle's points.