P-Graph Studio

1. To download the software, first You have to visit http://pgraph.dcs.uni-pannon.hu/ and click on the Install button.1_PS_down

2. Then You should select Save File to download it on Your computer.1_PS_down_setup_1

3. After the download You may click on Setup.exe, this will start the installation process.1_PS_down_setup_2

4. Since the publisher is University of Pannonia, You can trust the publisher and click Run.1_PS_down_setup_3

5. Next You have to accept the terms of License Agreement.1_PS_down_setup_4

6. A reboot will be needed to continue.1_PS_down_setup_5

7. If the question in connection with the publisher is dropped again, click Run again.1_PS_down_setup_6

8. The question is also asked considering the name of the software and the source of it.1_PS_down_setup_7

9. The opening screen of the PNS Studio can be seen below.2_PS_first_start

10. To register or login You have to click on the Login/Register button visible on the right up corner.2_PS_registration

11. Next You have to enter the validation code which comes onto the email address given earlier.2_PS_registration_2

12. The validation code can be found in the email. It has to be copied on the clipboard by clicking with right mouse and click Copy.2_PS_registration_3

13. Paste it into the Validation form.2_PS_registration_4

14. Click OK.2_PS_registration_5

15. This is the end of the registration phase. You can click OK.2_PS_registration_7

               16. Finally You can log in with the registrated user name and password.2_PS_registration_8