PRES’15 international conference

23-27. August 2015. PRES’15 international conference will be held in Kuching, Malaysia. For the sake of respecting the memory of Professor L.T. Fan a whole section will be dedicated to remember his life and research area. The represented results fit to P-Graph methodology, novel theoretical results and applications will also be introduced.

Faculty of Information Technology organised a workshop

With the support of the National Coordinating Center for Infocommunciations, the Faculty of Information Technology organised a workshop titled “Continuous Improvement and Development of P-Graph as a Powerful PNS tool”, on 22-25 January, 2015 at Hotel Silver Resort, Balatonfüred, Hungary. The main objectives of this workshop were to share the development of P-Graph application in […]

The 6th Veszprém Optimization Conference

The 6th Veszprém Optimization Conference: Advanced Algorithms was held at the Conference Centre of the University of Pannonia in Veszprém, Hungary, December 14-17, 2014. The VOCAL conference focused on recent advances on optimization algorithms: continuous and discrete; complexity and convergence properties, high performance optimization software and novel applications are reviewed as well. The aim to […]